Dalmatian Jasper Indian Wand Pendulum
Dalmatian Jasper Indian Wand Pendulum

Dalmatian Jasper Indian Wand Pendulum

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Dalmatian Jasper has a calming influence and is a great stone for those that are overly analytical, restoring childlike playfulness, wellbeing and joy. It is also a grounding stone and supports family and loyalty. It has a particularly calming influence on children and animals and can assist in professions working with them. Dalmatian jasper assists us to carefully make and think through plans and can be great for business. It creates emotional harmony and strengthens bonds and teams. Dalmatian Jasper can also assist children to sleep free of nightmares. Dalmatian jasper is a great stone to restore joy and fun for when life becomes burdensome. It is also a protection stone and assists in releasing grudges. Dalmatian Jasper assists in finding your true purpose and reminds us to stay positive and enjoy life. It is a stone that balances the emotional state and quels negative thinking.

This beautiful pendulum can be used as both a pendulum and a powerful healing wand.

Size: 7cm
Weight: 20g