Crystal Smoke Wand
Crystal Smoke Wand
Crystal Smoke Wand
Crystal Smoke Wand
Crystal Smoke Wand

Crystal Smoke Wand

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Handmade and infused with positive intention...removes negative vibrations of any kind, replacing them with a positive higher vibration and energy.

White Sage~
Purifies, cleanses & heals.
Banishes all evil/negativity/dense energy.
Balances energy, invites positive vibrations & blessings.
Protects energy & home.

Brings happiness, peace & harmony.
Offers House Blessings.
Invites LOVE & protection.
Freedom from emotional & mental stress.

Attracts LOVE & good fortune.
Promotes self love.
The ability to LOVE & nurture.
See the beauty in all things.

Rose Quartz~
Stone of unconditional love.
Deep inner healing & self love, purifying & opening the heart.
Excellent for attracting love or for bringing more of it into current relationships.
Instills self forgiveness & self acceptance, Releases heartache & unexpressed emotions.

Amethyst ~
Stone of insight. Helps with intuition, insomnia, and connecting to higher self and the divine. 
Helps with creativity, manifestation. 
Amethyst helps with stress, anxiety, nightmares and addiction.

Smoke wands are approx 10in length.

Handmade products, may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

Our White sage is sustainably harvested.