Calming Crystal Kit
Calming Crystal Kit

Calming Crystal Kit

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To calm your mind, you need to clear your mind of old thought patterns.
This beautiful crystal bundle is grounding, calming, cleansing, and balancing. By raising your vibration, you will experience a place of well-being and peace.

The crystal set is beautifully packaged and includes detailed instructions on how to use it.

Included in the set:

~ 4 Calming Stones Blue Howlite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz
~ Palo Santo to Cleanse your Crystals and environment. 
~ Information card about your crystals.

Description of Stones

•Blue Howlite calms your soul by soothing stressful and anxious thoughts. Blue Howlite increases creative thinking, clear communication, and clarity of your goals and ambitions.
• Rose Quartz the unconditional love stone. It helps with compassion, kindness, self love and emotional healing. This crystal helps you to feel joy, peace and playfulness. 
• Amethyst helps to calm the spirit and purify the mind to protect against negative influences. Strong emotions are calmed, and amethyst aids in the healing of physical ailments and emotional issues.
• Clear Quartz is the master healer. It amplifies the power of any crystal it works with. It’s a protection stone and helps to balance your mind body and soul. 

Each set is picked for you intuitively. They are beautifully packaged and cleansed.