Abundance Crystal Grid
Abundance Crystal Grid
Abundance Crystal Grid

Abundance Crystal Grid

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A beautiful luxe crystal kit selected intuitively and put together for the purpose of intention setting and manifesting through the ancient power of crystal gridding. 
It’s time to call forward the life you want. 

What is a Crystal Grid?

Crystal grids draw on ancient knowledge, traditions, and beliefs. It is a formation of stones placed either intuitively or in accordance with sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the mathematical formula with which all natural things are created~ snowflakes, stone henge, Ancient pyramids and pine cones to name a few. Sacred geometry underpins the universe.

When we place crystals intentionally with a focus we call in our true desires. We create the life we truly want.

This kit has been designed for the intention of bringing abundance to your life. I have included a guide for placing your crystals but this is your grid and will work just as well with your intuition. When you intuitively place your crystals any shapes, patterns or thoughts that occur might be your guides trying to tell you something.

What does The Abundance Kit Contain?

  •  1 Pyrite Buddha~ Focus Stone
  • 8 Clear Quartz Points & 8 small Amethyst~ Pathway Stones
  • 8 Fluorite Tumbles~ Destination/Intention Stones
  • 1 Selenite Wand to activate your grid
  • 1 Palo Santo to Cleanse your Grid 
  • 1 Crystal Grid Flower of life cloth 
  • 1 grey cord to attach to your Buddha 
  • 1 Soy candle

These kits make perfect gifts either for yourself or others and are beautifully packaged ready to gift. They include full instructions on how to use the grid. Add to your basket today to start your journey on creating the life you want.