Why We only Use Essential Oils in Our Products

We are often asked what makes our wax melts different to others on the market, and of course what makes them more expensive. I thought I would take a moment to give you all an insight into why we made the decision to use only essential oils in our products, and why we feel this makes them worth that extra cost.
Everyone likes a bargain me included so you will regularly find me in the middle aisle of a well known German supermarket or in the clearance aisle searching for that got to have product at an unbeatable price. This included home fragrance. I jumped on the clean your home bandwagon from the famous influencer and found my home full of artificial fragrances, there were ones for carpets, ones for bedding, ones for every room in the house and of course the wax melts. I stocked up on the cheap wax melts from my local store and found myself trying god knows how many different fragrances, from monkey farts to cookie dough. It didn’t matter how relaxing the fragrance every time I settled down in the evening after lighting my burner the same painful headaches started. 
It became clear that although I loved the funky colours and exotic named fragrances the wax melts and artificial fragrance did not return my love.
I began to research what was in some of these fragrance oils and that’s when I realised that I was filling my home with toxins that could not only harm myself but my young family. I decided to make the change to live a more natural existence.
This is not an overnight change and I’m on a journey so definitely not where I need to be yet, you will still find the odd cleaning product with god knows what toxins in and if I looked through the contents of a lot of my products I would probably be horrified but the main point is I’m becoming more aware and slowly changing things for the better, in order to maintain a new healthier lifestyle for me and my family. It’s not hard to make just small changes to create a better environment.

Join me in my journey to learn about essential oils and all the benefits they provide.

I will state that I am not a chemist I have no expertise beyond a serious interest in essential oils and aromatherapy so my opinions are my own, garnered from my own research , I would advise that anything you are not sure of should be fully researched by yourself and you should seek professional advice.

Where do we start?

On the back of my new found realisation and attempts to create a more natural environment I started learning about essential oils and their aromatherapy benefits. I missed the fragrances in my home and wanted to create something that not only made my home smell gorgeous but could also benefit my family and I. That’s when the idea for Wild Home Store was created. 

I wanted to create a home fragrance that was natural so essential oil blends is my chosen method. Standard wax melts use artificial fragrance oils. These can be based on petroleum by-products, and include phthalates, Parabens and other chemical compounds used to preserve the fragrance. No one really knows what the long term implications of these compounds are, but some of the known responses to them include allergic reactions, endocrine disruption and some are even potentially carcinogenic. Not something I want myself or my family and friends to be inhaling on a daily basis when just trying to make my home smell nice!

Essential oils although not a replacement or cure for medical conditions can help to support our mood and energy. The aromas can  help with anxiety and uplift us when we need it the most. When you use our essential oils melts you are filling your home with natural beneficial aromas, no nasties involved! The scent that fills your home is not as strong as artificial fragrances. For some that is a drawback but for me the gentle wash of fragrance within the air is a welcome relief from the full on ‘wham’  as you walk into a room from an artificial fragrance, my head also thanks me as the artificial fragrance oils definitely trigger my headaches, where as the subtle beautiful aroma of essential oils just wind around the room and become part of my space.

I think it’s worth mentioning that I have nothing against those who create and enjoy the fragrances and fun exotic wax melts it’s just not for me and my family so I wanted to create a product for others like me who share the same love for essential oils.

Why do they Cost More?

A lot of wax vendors are put off of using essential oils because of the cost. Artificial fragrances are cheap and easy to get hold of, they pack a punch and are popular. Essential oils cost more and are harder to source in order to ensure they are compliant. This is the reason our melts cost more than the standard wax melt. Our oils cost a lot more so we either have to price our melts higher or accept a slightly lower profit margin than someone who uses artificial fragrances, we try to balance the two in order to create the best quality aromatherapy melts whilst staying true and growing our brand.

You can start your wellness journey to live a more natural existence by making one small change today and trying essential oil melts instead of the standard supermarket brand you normally turn to. 

Give it a go and let us know what you think. We would love to hear what changes you are making to benefit your wellbeing and live a healthier, happier life. 



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