Walking Away From Anxiety, And how You Can Too.

I was born anxious, no seriously, I honestly believe I was. I’m told even as a baby if I thought things were all a bit much or I couldn’t get my own way I would hold my breath until I passed out. I think even back then it was a control thing and if I didn’t feel in control of my racing mind I opted to check out for a little while. Now whilst I don’t now turn blue if I don’t get my own way (well not all the time anyway) I do often feel like the noise in my head is too loud and I crave some time out to reset.

I am a believer that some people just have a chemical imbalance in their brain and they are more predisposed to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Now before any of you scientists start knocking down my door to tell me I’m wrong, let me just remind you this is my blog, my opinion and it is based solely on what I feel. I am not a medical expert, just an expert in my own mental health so feel I have the authority to talk about it. 

As a young child I would worry about everything, as a young adult I would worry about worrying and now as an adult with a family of her own I worry about everyone and everything.
It’s in my nature to worry, however it got to the point that the worrying just made me sad and stopped me being in the moment and enjoying my amazing life and my beautiful family.

I decided that I needed medical help to reset my brain and started taking medication for anxiety which really helped.
It allowed me to get on with daily life without being constantly worried about the future, or triggered by the smallest things where I would fall into a spiral of depression about things that hadn’t even happened yet and probably never would. I can honestly say that for me the tablets were exactly what I needed at that time of my life.

People think because you have an interest in spirituality, and natural remedies that medication is the exact opposite of what you should be relying on, but I wholeheartedly believe in medical interventions when needed and believe that holistic therapies should compliment medical science. I don’t believe in judgment, I do believe that everyone has to find their own path and figure out what’s right for them.

I think as a society we are so caught up on what we think we should be doing that we have forgotten to trust our own intuition. Mine told me I needed to be stronger in order to do the work and find the light, so I took that medication for as long as I felt I needed it, without shame and without worry which in itself was completely freeing.

This was eventually how I walked away from anxiety, I trusted my intuition, I stopped thinking I needed to follow a set path and be like someone else. I stopped worrying what I should be doing and just did it. Living in the moment is so hard when you suffer with anxiety but it’s easier when you learn to let go and not give two f*cks about what other peoples opinions are as they are just that- opinions. People told me you shouldn’t take meds then they told me you shouldn’t stop taking meds, opinions can just turn into overwhelming noise. You have to shut out the noise in order to hear your own truth.

Now I’m medication free because I choose to be, I choose to love crystals, and magick and all that other woo woo stuff that lots of people just don’t get, I choose to follow my own path to raising my own vibration- whether that’s through medicinal help, or natural elements that light up my soul. The main thing is I choose what I do and how I do it. I let go of others opinions and I fully trust my own intuition. 

That for me is the key to walking away from anxiety- trusting your own intuition and knowing you will be ok, the universe has your back.

I’m passionate about positive mental health and vibrational alignment. Vibrational alignment means your ‘being’ is in alignment with what you want and also who you truly are. I think this is crucial to having good mental health and it’s why I create products that will raise your vibration. The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you will feel physically, emotionally and mentally. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love and joy. Surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good will not only help raise your vibration but also your friends and family’s as you radiate good vibes. Remember your vibe affects your tribe!

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So that’s all from me for now, take care and remember embrace the woo woo to create the life you want!


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